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Earth day

Our chat with Sheena Johnson and Jon Adamson to celebrate Earth Day.

Canadian Women's Foundation

Andrea Gunraj, from the Canadian Women's Foundation explains the important work they're doing to support women and girls in Canada.

Black History Month

This episode, we chat with Chris Thomas, Manager, GPMC West Facilities, TC Energy on how he celebrates Black History Month and the importance of our partnership with P...

Curiosity and Conversation

We chat with Bevin Wirzba, our Executive Vice-President and President, Liquids Pipelines.

The NGTL System

We chat with Blaine Trout on the NGTL system.

Breakfast Club of Canada

Ben Neumer, from Breakfast Club of Canada, explains the important work they're doing addressing the food insecurity crisis in Canada.

Innovation, research and technology

Shahani Kariyawasam talks about the value that research collaboration brings to the energy industry.

Empowering your community

We chat with Kelly Dunn on giving back to your community.

Leading with empathy

We chat with Terri Steeves on leading with empathy.

The Intern-cast

This week our guest host Taylor Tebbutt chats with Wendy Yang and Hannah Wehlmann

Sustainability Series: Part two

For part two of our sustainability series we chat with Samantha Stuart and Cheryl Johnson.

Mental Health

We chat with François Poirier on the importance of mental health.

Keystone XL International Border Crossing Complete

We chat with Samantha Fernandes on Keystone XL pipeline project.

Environment week

For Environment week we chat with Jerry Castillo and Sheldon Good.

U.S. Gas Commercial Operations

We chat with Mike Moses and Alexis Stewart on U.S. Gas Commercial Operations


We chat with Joshua Linville on cybersecurity

Building relationships

We chat with Chuck Moran on building relationships

Earth day

For our Earth day special, we chat with John Mikkelsen and Barbara Taylor about our pumped storage project.

Sustainability Series: Part one

We kick of our sustainability series in our chat with Sue Flaman.

Meeting the challenge

Our chat with Jawad Masud on meeting the challenge.

Giving back

We chat with Leanne Zee on giving back during trying times.

Women lead here

We chat with Wendy West on the women who lead at TC Energy.


We chat with Chris Foster on innovation and reconnecting with meaningful work.


We chat with Jennifer Pierce on resilience, and what that means for us as a company.

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